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What is Amrith Noni?

Amrith Noni is a juice extracted from a fruit called Noni which provides a lot of health benefits. It is helpful to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The preparation of Amrith Noni involves different kinds of medicinal herbs which provide required amounts of plant essentials, vitamins and minerals to the human body.

The Noni fruits belong to an ever green coffee plant family called Morinda citrifolia. The species of Morinda citrifolia plant is originated from south east Asia and Australia and later it was carried across the pacific by Polynesian sailors. Now the species of Morinda citrifolia are cultivated throughout the tropics. Noni Fruit has various names across the world based on the different regions like beach mulberry , cheese fruit etc . In India Noni fruit is called ” Indian Mulberry ”.

Amrith Noni for better health

The Noni fruits are traditionally used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines to treat diseases like Cancer, diabetes, etc in a very natural process. The leaves of the Morinda Citrifolia Tree have been used to treat Skin Diseases, Arthritis, Cancer Etc . The medical advantages of Noni fruits have been written in ancient Ayurvedic texts a long time ago. Noni Fruit is the only herb to promote Cox 1 enzyme ( Good Enzyme) in the body selectively and destroys the cox 2 enzyme (Bad Enzyme) which causes inflammation in the body.

Amrith Noni Health Benefits & Uses

Amrith Noni acts as a major health promoter by providing powerful rich vitamins and minerals to our body such as vitamin A , Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and iron etc. The Noni juice helps to remove toxins from blood and improves health and it also takes part in boosting immunity levels of the body and helps to maintain perfect health. Amrith Noni juice contains rich micronutrients like magnesium, potassium, calcium, pectin , prolin, protein amino acids etc

Prevents Cancer

The juice of noni fruit contains powerful nutrients like anthraquinone, damnacanthal etc which have capability to fight against cancer cells and stops the spread of cancer by stimulating the white blood cells and the other parts of the immune system.

Treats Arthritis

Amrith Noni has analgesic Properties which relieves pain and also helps to reduce joint destruction implicated in arthritis.

Boosts Immunity

Amrith Noni has extra properties like anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti-histamine etc which has the ability to repair damaged cells in the blood to boost up the immune system of the human body in order to prevent infections.

Reduces Stress

Having Amrith Noni juice in Our daily dosage can reduce Impact of Stress on Cognitive Function.

Treats Fever

Because of Having Anti viral properties in it, Amruth Noni Helps you to get rid of Cough, Fever and Body Ache etc.

Fights Aging

Amrith Noni Contains Powerful Antioxidants Like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and Iron etc. These Antioxidants are capable to reverse the adverse effects of aging. The Noni Juice plays major role in protecting Skin and keeping it healthy.

Treats Scalp Irritation

Amrith Noni Contains Antibacterial and Anti – Fungal properties which help to prevent Scalp Irritation.

Lowers Risk of Gout

According to studies noni juice has capacity to reduce uric acid concentration in the blood. So that there will be less chances for the risk of Gout.

According to the early research, drinking four Ounces of Noni juice for one month can help to reduce higher blood pressure levels. Amrith Noni has too many health benefits . It plays a prominent role in treating diabetes and it has shown some magical positive results. Amrith Noni is also known as a great moisturizer for skin. Preparation of Amrith Noni juice involves a number of effective nutrients which can remove toxins from blood and also involves in blood purification process.

Amrith Noni Product Line

Amrith Noni has introduced the following four products, which are made from the extracts of Noni Fruit

Amrith Noni Power Plus

Amrith Noni Power Plus is the combination of unique formulas which involves high concentrated Extract of Noni fruit, Garcinia, Amritha, Amla And Ashwagandha etc . It is suitable for all age groups. It is a sugar Free Product.
Amrith Noni Power Plus is mainly used as an adjuvent to Treat Viral Infections Like H1N1, Influenza, Bird Flu etc. The Powerful Antioxidants present in Noni Juice has a ability to repair damaged cells which takes part in the process of boosting the immune system to protect the body from several viral infections.

Amrith Noni Artho Plus

Amrith Noni Artho Plus contains powerful healing properties which helps to get control over inflammatory process by healing Damaged Blood Cells. Amrith noni artho plus is very useful to the people who are suffering from Arthritis. It can reduce the pain of Arthritis Patients.

Amrith Noni D Plus

Now – a – days diabetes has become a major problem. The People who are suffering from diabetes are increasing day by day. Amrith noni D plus is very helpful to get control over diabetes. It is a sugar free product. The formulation of Amrith Noni D Plus is formed after consulting Doctors and Health Specialists.

Amrith Noni Sthree Sanjeevini

Amrith Noni Sthree Sanjeevini is only introduced for women and girls who need to get rid of those pestering healing problems. The Ingredients Used in Amrith Noni Sthree Sanjeevini are choosen selectively for Women related Health Issues. The preparation process involves some ayurvedic herbs which can improve women’s health. It can be used in PCOD (Poly-cystic ovaries), menstrual problems, white discharge and such other health issues.

Are there any Side Effects of Amrith Noni?

Basically, the preparation process of Amrith Noni contains Complete Natural ingredients and. The formulation of Each and Every Product of Amrith Noni is Formed after consulting Doctors and Health specialists. The Noni Fruits has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic Medicine Preparations from centuries. Currently there are no reported side effects of Amrith Noni. But Pregnant Women, Patients undergoing dialysis and for Infants below 1 Year, a Doctor Should be consulted before using it.

Amrith Noni Recommended Dosage

Method of consumption:

For Power Plus and DPlus: 1st week – 5 ml + 50 ml water – twice a day; 2nd week – 10 ml + 100 ml water – twice a day; 3rd week – 15 ml + 150 ml water – twice a day OR as directed by a physician. TO BE TAKEN ON EMPTY STOMACH. NOT RECOMMENDED DURING PREGNANCY, FOR INFANTS BELOW 1 YEAR AND PATIENTS ON DIALYSIS

For Artho Plus and Sthree Sanjeevini: 1st week – 5 ml + 150 ml water – once a day; 2nd week – 10 ml + 150 ml water – once a day; 3rd week – 25 ml + 150 ml water – once a day OR as directed by a physician. TO BE TAKEN ON EMPTY STOMACH. NOT RECOMMENDED DURING PREGNANCY, FOR INFANTS BELOW 1 YEAR AND PATIENTS ON DIALYSIS.