Ayurveda, a natural way of living for better health, is more than 5,000 years old! However, it is still valid and practiced worldwide with an increasing number of users’ everyday! To be honest, this science of healthy living is much more valid in the present day than ever before. This is just because of the increasing number of lifestyle and diet related health problems in the present era.

Ayurveda is thought to be an art of massage, herbal medicine, natural cleansing by Panchakarma so on and so forth. But, what is the real practice in it? That is, all of the above and much more! Yes, Ayurveda is a complete guide to live healthy and treat diseases, which naturally includes all of the above with many other areas of health and diseases. For example, it teaches about healthy daily routine, healthy eating, healthy food, healthy cooking, unhealthy practices; seasonal practices for better health, good social conduct, healthcare for the mother-child-elderly, prevention of specific diseases and treatments / remedies for diseases. All of these areas include factors like lifestyle, herbs, minerals, cleansing procedures, body treatments, counseling, energy healing, exercises and much more.

Most of the health problems nowadays are related to either bad eating habits or lifestyle. Also, today’s health problems are caused and triggered by multiple factors unlike infections by a single organism. Diabetes, high blood pressure, stress, obesity and so many such problems cannot be treated by one single medicine or even by just a heap of medicines. They all need several changes in diet, lifestyle and mental attitude too and the changes need to be consistent in practice, rather adopted totally in life. This is possible when we apply the principles of healthy living in a wholesome manner, which is not just for the body but also for the mind and life. Thus, Ayurveda can be the answer for all these issues in preventing a disease, slowing down the process, arresting the progress, curing a stage or even as a supportive therapy. This is the reason why I stated that this science is needed much more now than before!

Remember, health is not just a state of being free from diseases but also having a healthy body, mind and soul performing their functions at the optimal levels. So, healthy body and happy mind are needed to be positively healthy. Ayurveda teaches about measures to achieve this status of health, in a holistic way.

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